I was born and raised in Italy. I studied modern literature in Bologna majoring in Literary Theory with a special focus on Psychoanalysis and Literary criticism. I moved to the USA in 2007 thanks to a fellowship from Rutgers University where I gained a MA in Comparative Literature, a MA in Italian Studies (with a thesis on philosophy and literature in Giordano Bruno) and a PhD in Comparative Literature with a dissertation on the relationship between words, images and subjectivity from Baroque to Romanticism. My areas of specialty are Baroque Art and Literature, Aesthetics of the Sublime, Kant, Fichte, Novalis, Hegel, Theory of Allegory, the philosophy of Giambattista Vico, Tommaso Campanella, Lacan, Marxism, and theory of the Avant-garde. I published on Poe, Kafka, Marinetti, Futurism, and Giambattista Vico. Beside my academic interests I love soccer, gaming, photography, music and … my wife and dog!


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